How To Use The Lumiere And Pearl X Powders Together?


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Lumiere is fabric paint. It is used by artists in altered books. It was created by Jacquard. Lumiere is available in a variety of colours and is acrylic, translucent and fast drying in nature. Pearl ex powders are used for applying it on surfaces like clay, metal, glass, wood, paper and fabric. It can be mixed into varnish, clay, oil, acrylic and melted wax. Pearl ex gives a metallic sheen to the applied surface without being a metal and thus makes it look beautiful.

First take some amount of Lumiere in a container and then pour some water into the container. Then mix it well and after that add pearl ex to the mixture. Separate the mixture so that it can be mixed with different colours. Ensure that there are no lumps in the mixture before use and then apply it to the surface required with a suitable brush.
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Thank you for the answer. Still a little confused. How thick should the lumiere and water mixer be?

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