How To Glaze Vegetables?


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To glaze vegetables, first of all you need to have about two pounds of root vegetables. For the glaze, you need half a stick of butter, two tablespoons of maple syrup (preferably grade B), one tablespoon of water and salt and pepper to taste.

Firstly, the root vegetables, which include such vegetables as parsnips, turnips, carrots and sweet potatoes must be parboiled and peeled. The carrots and parsnips must be cut into a length of about three inches each and sliced lengthwise into one-third of an inch-long slices and then these slices must be cut into strips of equal width. As for the turnips and sweet potatoes, they must be sliced into slices that are one-third of an inch-long and then cut into strips of an equal width.

The vegetable are cooked in a large pot of boiling salt water until they are slightly tender but not soft. They are drained and then plunged into a large bowl of iced water, drained thoroughly and refrigerated. To finish, the butter is melted in a heavy pot which is large enough to hold all the vegetables. The maple syrup, the water and the vegetables are added and cooked over a low temperature. It is stirred occasionally until all are coated and a glaze is formed on them. The correct seasoning is added and it is served immediately.

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