What Is The Costliest Vegetable?


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There are many and it changes from time to time, but always cauliflower and carrot are the costliest.
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Asparagus is the most expensive vegetable family in the world. The majority of the vegetable is actually discarded and it is only the uppermost 'spears' that are the most prized.

The most expensive of these is widely thought to be 'hop asparagus'. In fact, a farmer in England sold hop asparagus for as much as £150 per kilo in 2001. Hop asparagus is one of the smallest varieties of asparagus and has a diameter equal to about one third of more common asparagus.

Hop asparagus is also one of the oldest cultivated root vegetables in the world. It is only farmed in four known areas. Asparagus growing can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

One reason that is attributed to the high cost of the vegetable is that there are only certain types of hops that can be used to grow it. Hops themselves are primarily used in beer making and there are a number of different varieties.
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