How Do Trees Benefit Mankind?


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Trees help mankind by providing food, paper, wooden furniture and shelter. Also, trees clear the air, take in carbon dioxide with the help of sunlight, water and minerals by a process called photosynthesis.
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Food, shelter, clothing, fuel—all can be provided from trees. We can be thankful, too, that trees clean the air, picking up carbon dioxide through tiny holes in the leaves. With the aid of sunlight, water, minerals, by processes not yet fully known, the tree manufactures food in the leaves in a way called photosynthesis. Thus the cells of the tree are nourished.
If trees were suddenly to become extinct because of the polluted atmosphere, it is conceivable that man and other living creatures would eventually smother and die for lack of breathable air.
So trees play a big part in the lives, not only of the West Coast loggers, but of most people. We all have reason to appreciate the desks, cabinets, chairs, tables and many other beautiful objects of furniture made from wood. We are glad to have paper, so we can read the printed page. We should appreciate, too, of the other things a tree can do, purifying the air, providing shade and beauty for the landscape

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