How Do You Add Refrigerant To A Refrigerator?


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It depends on the fridge.  Best to look at the manual, which may or may not tell you how to do it.  Even better, get a repairman in who specialises in your make of fridges, and pay him to do it.

Read about this couple's saga, docked on a boat in the Bahamas, getting their fridge's chemicals topped up.

In theory, it's a simple process.  Find out how much refridgerant you need and possibly what type;  get hold of a cylindar (not legal for the public to buy in every country).  Fix up a sealed-tight hose from the cylinder of refridgerant (the cylinder should have it's own valve) and connect to the right valve on the back of your fridge. Seal everything up tight and open the valves; the refridgerant is under pressure in the cylinder and in theory will flow into the fridge cooling system.  

Close valves when done.

But there's plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong.

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