How Do Storage Heaters Work? When Is The Best Time To Have Them On And Off And Are They Expensive To Run?


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Storage heaters are a more economical and energy efficient way of heating your home, provided they are managed properly. They cannot provide instant heat in the same way as a gas heater can, yet they can be set to provide heating for the following day, and are able to have enough stored heat to keep the temperature constant.

The best way to manage them is to watch the weather forecast and predict what your heating needs will be on the following day and then set the dial from 1 to 8 the day before to start storing the heat required for the following day, good insulation and piping is used to maintain this heat ,and transport it through the house.
I suggest you have a look at two sites which go into the use of these heaters in a simple way. Have a look at the site which is a site that measures and rates different heating systems and their economy efficiency ratios, and then also, which gives detailed instructions on how to get the best out of them.
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The kirklee site does not exist anymore according to Tiscali.

Need a site that tells me how to get the best from my storage heaters particularly when on holiday in winter

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Storage heaters are more economical if you require a heating system for the whole house. However, they take a much longer time to heat up so it is best to turn them on a few hours before you take a shower. You need to make your own prior calculations depending on your usage timings.

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