How Do You Patch A Jumping Castle?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Can't say I've ever tried to fix a punctured jumping (bouncy) castle before, but I would think that a repair will depend on the size of the hole and the material used in construction.    If your jumping castle is one designed for sale to the general public, then you might get away with fixing a puncture with a fairly standard bicycle repair kit. For larger holes, or heavier material, you may have to get a heavier duty puncture repair kit. Try one that is sold for fixing punctures in good quality inflatable beds. These tend to be made from heavier material and consequently require a heavy duty patch for repairs.    If, however, your jumping castle is made from the really heavy duty PVC used in commercial size jumping castles,. You could try contacting the manufacturer for advice or looking on their web site.    Alternatively, you could take your jumping castle along to your local tyre and exhaust centre (if you have the nerve) and ask them nicely to patch it with the same stuff they use on lorry inner tubes as these have to be capable of withstanding high air pressures.

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