How Do You Get A House For Free?


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Well for starters, try moving to an area which has been hit by a natural calamity! It is a fact that people belonging to areas that have been destroyed by earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones get free houses from the government or non governmental organisations. Whether these homes are furnished and how spacious these houses are will vary.

Seriously however, nobody ever gets a free house in reality. A few people are gifted houses by loved ones or significant others- but the vast majority are not as fortunate or well- to- do. The people that get free houses after natural disasters are people that have seen their own homes ravaged by the forces of nature.

It is best for you to work, save up and buy your own place. Nothing will give you more satisfaction then living in a house that you have paid for with your own hard earned money.
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I wouldn't try getting one in the UK - The demand for housing is so high that prices are very high. There are a few investment and entrepreneurial ideas to finding ways to pay for a house. Short of winning a competition or the lottery there isn't much chance other than the welfare system which provides housing for certain circumstances.
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You can house-sit for others or be a caretaker but that does not make the house yours. Just means you can have the use of the house for the duration you are there.
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I suppose house-sitting is the best option, so long as the owner lets you live there for as long as you need to.

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