What Fruit Or Vegetable Has Eyes But Still Can't See?


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First up, this is obviously a riddle so there is not going to be a right or wrong answer. Of course, vegetables and fruits cannot see - if they could, it would be pretty scary! After all, nobody wants a set of eyes staring back at them when eating a salad at lunch time!

  • One of the best answers I have come across for answering this riddle is 'black eyed peas.' Yes, they are vegetables and although they do not physically have eyes, there is the word 'eyes' in their title so that is close enough. Also they cannot see so that seems like a very fitting answer to the riddle.
Other suggestions include the potato. This may be because some potato varieties have skins that have spots on them and some have little spots when the roots are cut off. These may well look like eyes, but they certainly cannot see. Also thanks to films such as Toy Story, the character 'Mr Potato Head' was seen with eyes, a nose and a very loud mouth!

If you are interested in seeing a funny film that has been made with fruits and vegetables that have eyes, have a look at this link on YouTube:
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That would be the potato.
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NO. Not potatoes. Black-eye peas has eyes but still can't see
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That would be potato's.

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