I Can Tie Sailor's Knots. Can I Do Anything Creative With My Skill?


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Carolyn Jones answered
Sailors knots are really a great skill to know. They are strong and varied with such a variety of uses. Like all things they need to be practiced in order not to lose the skill. It should never quite disappear but you may find it more difficult if you don't keep it up.

Sailors knots can also be highly decorative. An navy uncle of mine once made a belt for me entirely by using sailors knots. He used three different knots and repeated them. He then threaded beads onto the end of the threads to jazz it up. I love it and it always gets a comment. Check out what different materials you could use.

You could also make curtain ties, a lamp decoration, handbags, bangles or even a decorative throw only using the skill that you have. If you go to a fabric shop, see what different fabrics, ropes, nylon and threads they have. Threading beads and other decorative craft pieces will help jazz it up.

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