What Are The Different Types Of Tie Knots Which Can Be Used?


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In our daily life generally, we use to tie 4 to 5 knots, but there is a huge collection of knots available for different applications. For every application, a suitable knot is available. You can easily learn how to tie more than 350 animated fishing knots at

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There are different types of knots which are used in the tie. Some are for official purpose some used in school and colleges so there are different styles of the ties which a person can use to tie a knot for himself. There are different knots like four in hand knots, double simple knot, Windsor knot, half Windsor knot, small knot and cross knot.

So these are different types of knots which are used for different purpose and possess different characteristics. The four in hand knot is a basic and simple know which is well known to all the users. It is used for all types of collars of the shirts. The second one is the double simple knot. It is almost the same like the four hands in knot but the basic difference between the both is just for the wrapping around knot. This tie knot can take less time to make a knot. The next is Windsor knot which is full professional and business class knot used by many companies' representatives.

The half Windsor knot has less volume and this is used for the parallel ties. Another knot is called small know which is small tie know used in many colleges and universities by the students.
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There is a new knot that is in keeping with Sprezzatura fashion, and is gaining popularity. It is called the "Barbaro knot", and it was invented by Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro.

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