How Do You Get Rid Of Rising Damp?


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Rising damp can be defined as the damp which occurs in walls that are connected with the ground. This type of damp stops at about one meter from the ground. It is caused as a result of the brickwork coming in contact with the soil. The bricks suck up the moisture and water from the soil and cause damp in the walls. If you want to get rid of rising damp then you would have to get the help of a professional surveyor or a structural engineer who are the right persons to advice you on this matter.

But the expense and the work would depend on the damage done and most of the times it is likely to be quite costly. But for temporary relief and remedy then you can always use a dehumidifier to dry the air in the room and the walls and suck in the moisture. Just remember that dehumidifier is a just a temporary therapy and not permanent.

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