How Big Does A Hibiscus Bush Get And Can I Plant Them Outside?


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The hibiscus plant will only grow as large as you want it to, with you being able to control it through cutting it during the year. Hibiscus plants are tropical plants that need warmth and sunshine to survive. You need to place your outdoor hibiscus plant in a part of your garden that gets plenty of warmth and sunlight. This means that you can of course plant your hibiscus bush outside; you just need to ensure that it's in the right place and will be able to survive the weather.

If you live in a cooler climate, however, you will probably have to take your outdoor hibiscus plant indoors during the winter months as it simply won't survive. You will need to keep it in a container near a window to ensure that it is warm and gets plenty of sunlight. It needs temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. An indoor hibiscus that is placed in a cool draft will not grow properly so you want to ensure that it remains warm and cared for at all times, if you want it to survive the cold winter. Furthermore, if you are in an area that has much less light during the winter then you're going to need to shine a fluorescent light on the plant for a few hours a day to ensure that it gets the amount of light that it requires to stay healthy and strong.

Remember not to provide your plant with too much water, too. The soil should be somewhat dry or the roots will start rotting. Make sure that when you water the plant, all of the water has been absorbed by the soil within half an hour. You won't need to water the plant again for a while - just do it when the soil becomes nearly dry.
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Here is what I would do. I would put on gloves pull the plant out of the pot and remove all dirt from the plant and pot. Then I would spray the pot with some sort of ant killer safe for plants and re pot the plant in fresh soil then I would spray the surface of the soil. Then after that was done I would bring it in the house because it sounds like the annual hibiscus my neighbor had and it will die outside.

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