Is A Hibiscus Plant Poisonous To Children?


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Barbara DeWalt answered
No, hibiscus plants aren’t dangerous to humans – don’t worry.

Hibiscus and Children
The plants are classed as Toxicity Level 4, which means they’re generally safe for humans, even young children. Some health-food stores even sell hibiscus blossoms and hibiscus tea –apparently, these can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and can help to prevent diabetes.

Hibiscus plants may be safe for humans, but you should still get your child to a doctor if they’ve consumed a large amount of the plant. Eating nearly any type of garden plant can cause some quite nasty stomach pains for anyone, but children are more sensitive to this kind of thing.

As there are many plants that can be dangerous to eat, it is best to teach your children not to eat anything from the garden.

Hibiscus and Animals
You’ll want to watch out for hibiscus plants if you have any pets, as they can be really dangerous for animals to digest. Symptoms of plant poisoning in animals include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and mouth ulcers.

I hope you and your child are safe – if you’re concerned that your child might eat the plant, it’s best to get rid of it, just in case.
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I just got off of the phone with Poison Control Center and they said that the hibiscus plant is not a toxic enough plant to hurt a child unless they digested the whole plant. My grandaughter tore of a leaf and ripped it in half and chewed on the stem for maybe 1 minute. I have given her water, like the Poison Control Center told me and she is fine.

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