How Do I Work Out Whether My Bathroom Scale Is Broken?


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The obvious solution is to weigh something on the scale that is a known quantity, like a 5kg bag of sugar or 10lbs of potatoes, then you will be able to see if your bathroom scales are accurate.

You should be less concerned about the slight difference in the scales, and more concerned about getting healthy and doing some exercise, as scales are not an indicator of correct weight really, a body fat measurement is.

Being overweight can put serious strain on your heart, lungs and joints. You don't give your age, however, there is an exercise programme designed for every age. Start slowly by walking 2 km briskly a day and build up. Reduce your portion size. The meat should be a deck of cards, and the rice or potatoes the size of a fist. Give up fried foods, they will not help you on your way to health.

By the way broke is a past tense verb, not an adjective. The question should be, is my scale broken?

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