How Can I Get Rid Of My Asbestos Garage?


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You should really not dismantle and dispose of a garage or other building that you suspect is made from asbestos, or has asbestos in the walls or roof, it should be dealt with by a licensed firm of specialists. However, it can be expensive to get an asbestos survey, so if you have to do it yourself you should take great care.

It is important to wear protective clothing, preferably that you can throw away when you've finished, such as a dust mask, gloves and overalls. Soaking the asbestos and using water and damp rags at all stages will help keep the dust down and reduce the chance of it entering your lungs. While you're disassembling the garage try not to damage or roughen up the asbestos sheets and do not cut or snap them.

Once the sheets are dismantled double wrap them in plastic sheeting of at least 1000 gauge and take them to a local recycling centre that is equipped to disposal, dispose of them. You should also wrap up and dispose of any cloths or sheets that you used at the same place. Your local council will advise you where the nearest asbestos disposal facility is.

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