I Want To Change A 2 Outlet To A 4 Outlet In My Garage.?


2 Answers

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
No problem, either rip out the old box to make way for the bigger box or surface mount a 2 gang box. Then run a same color jumper from your old receptacle to the exact space on the new  one and install receptacles into box
Larry Patterson Profile
Larry Patterson answered
If surface mounted, replace single box with larger box that can receive a cover plate that holds two duplex outlets.
If flush mount, you can replace the single box with a double box same as surface mount or you can consider just locating a new single outlet near the existing one, and extending the wire from the first to the second using same wire size as existing).  Boxes are available with ears that lock the box to the drywall so that you don't have to mount the box on a stud.

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