I hook a new breaker box ,and hook one 20amp breaker to a light and it don,t shine bright so i hoot one wall outlet to a20amp breaker and when i install some in the out it make the lights gte bright but the outlet want work?


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Arthur Wright answered
You need to phase the two circuits differently so undo what you last did and go back to the way you had it and then it sounds like you have too much on that circuit which causes the light to be dimmer than it should be. Start over and add more circuits as needed
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Robert Wilbur answered
When the neutrals in a panel are loose, one phase will show excess voltage while the other will show a much lower voltage.....I guess you did not claim one side had DIMM lights, but you did say the plug does not work...I still think you lost a branch of 110 or you have loose neutrals...I have seen it happen

Loose or incomplete neutral wire. Some bulbs BRITE some dim, Some outlets HOT some not so much.

Check all of the panel neutrals for tight connection!

Or you have lost one HOT leg. Anyways, It is either a bad breaker or a loose connection. I have an illustration on a basic-help @ blogspot.com

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