What Size Wire Is Needed For A 60 Amp Circuit?


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The recommended size wire you will need for a 60-amp circuit is an AWG-6. AWG is an abbreviation for American wire gauge. This system has been used since 1857 (primarily in the United States and Canada) to show the diameter of electrically conducted wire. AWG-6 wire allows for a maximum of 200 amps to be powered, although other factors should also be taken into consideration.

Some of the other considerations to be taken into account will be the thickness, the thermal conductivity, the air convection and the temperature. AWG-4 has a wire diameter of 5.19mm and a cross sectional area of 21.151 mm2, while AWG-6 has a wire diameter of 4.12mm and a cross sectional area of 13.302 mm2.

As well the wire size you may need to check whether a circuit breaker is needed. A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that is automatic. It is designed to protect the circuit from damage that may be caused by a short circuit or overloading the circuit. The circuit breaker will also detect faults and if one is found will automatically and immediately discontinue the flow of electricity.

The advantage with circuit breakers, as opposed to fuses, is that they can be reset to be used again. They are made in various sizes and for the 60-amp circuit a small household circuit breaker would suffice. You should check to make sure that the circuit breaker is the correct size current rating for the circuit.

Safety is paramount when working with electricity and there are many tips to keep you safe. These include making sure that wires are not damaged or exposed. Sockets should not be damaged and should be replaced immediately if they are. You must also make sure that all electrical items are of approved standard. Finally, when installing electrical items you must always use a licensed electrician to complete the work.
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Two number 8 size wire
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I am having my central air conditioner replaced in a small house.  Currently there is a 30 amp fuse with no outside breaker.  My A/C guy says I need to install an outside 60 amp breaker.  I assume I also need to replace the wire from the inside breaker box which is no more than 20 feet away.  What size wire do I need?
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#6 AWG should do the trick. It will though, also depend on the wire insulation, distance to the panel and also the duty cycle of the appliance.

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