How Much Does A Carpenter Earn?


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Carpentry can be a good career as it pays off good especially if a person works as a free lancer and works on contractual basis. The work involves a lot of hard work thus the pay is also good in return.

Certain studies showed that a carpenter earns between $15 and $30 per hour basis, however certain low paid carpenters earn between $12 per hour. It depends on a carpenters skills basically and the number of years of experience he has in carpentry. A highest paid carpenter can get an average of $28 per hour basis that is probably because of his reputation.

However certain factors can even affect the amount of money they are paid, such as bad weather conditions and if the construction company they are working for, some how closes down, then it becomes really hard to get good money and the rate at which they are paid can gradually drop down.

Different types of carpenters get different rates of salaries depending on where they work and for whom they are working. The non residential building construction carpenters, however earn the most amount of money per hourly basis.
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Depends on your experience and what part of the country you live in.  Anywhere from $8.00-25.00/hour.

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