How To Build A Cement Rock Pillar?


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If you wish to build a concrete pillar, then you must know a number of facts and figures, such as how tall and thick you want the pillar to be. However, there are a number of steps common to all concrete pillars.

• Dig foundations

In order for your concrete pillar to be sturdy and safe, you need to have foundations for your pillar. This requires digging out a hole deep enough for your pillar to sit in carefully and safely. The depth of your foundation hole should be approximately one third of the length of your pillar. As a result, if you want a one meter concrete pillar, you should dig foundations to the depth of about 0.3 meters. Your pillar would also need to be an extra 0.3 meters long, in order to compensate for the 0.3 meters of pillar lying below the ground. You may also wish to make a concrete base for your pillar for extra stability - the thickness of the base would depend upon the length of your pillar.

• Reinforce your pillar

If your pillar is quite large or thick, you may wish to use steel rods, or other sturdy and strong rods, in order to make your finished pillar stronger and more sturdy.

• Mix the concrete carefully

Use slightly less water than stated on the instructions of the concrete mix, as this will result in your pillar being stronger and stiffer.

• Ensure your mold is "active"

"Activate" your mold by tapping or knocking it gently once you have poured in the concrete mix. If you ensure that your mold is active, you will be less likely to have air bubbles inside your concrete pillar, which can result in cracking and structural problems.

• Leave your pillar alone!

Once the concrete has been mixed and poured into the mold, leave it alone for at least two days, with the exception of occasional taps or knocks to the mold. This will allow the concrete to settle and set properly.

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