Why Does My Poop Stick To The Toilet?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

If your poop is sticking to the toilet it may be an indication of too much oil. Maybe there is too much fat in your diet or your liver function could be better.

Oil floats, so you may see what look like little fat droplets in the water which can mean that the body is not adsorbing fats correctly.

It's probably fine but you might want to get checked out by the doctor, even if you just describe your problem, he may not need to examine you but if you are worried it is always best to be sure.

The smell is an indication of health too, as crazy as that sounds. If it is really foul smelling (more than 'normal') that again could mean too much fat in the diet. Without a medical examination though, it' s hard to give you conclusive advice - so I would definitely suggest speaking to your doctor at least.

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