Is Carpet Stain Normal Wear And Tear On A Rental Home?


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Anything that needs repair and replacement after a specific period of time does not come under normal wear and tear, if the tenant remains in the house during that period. Normally the carpet needs replacement after a period of two years and if you have lived at the house for two years and leave after that, the carpet stain will be considered a normal wear and tear sign. Otherwise the amount of damage will be deducted from your security deposit.
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I've been renting a duplex for a year and a half now. When I moved in the carpet had some minor stains and some minor tears where the carpet was seemed. The landlord said that the carpet was two years old. The previous tennants had dogs. My lease ended in january of this year. I asked the landlord for a new hasn't given me one. There are several cracked windows and mold spots in a/c duwhich have been there since I moved in. The land lord hasn't fixed these issues. What can I do?
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Generally landlords will charge for stains on carpeting. This charge usually comes from a deduction in the amount of your returned security deposit. However if you properly maintain your carpet, you can get that full amount back.
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Are stains from cooking (not marks but actual stains)  on the kitchen bench top considered normal wear and tear ? I couldn't remove them and now the landlord wants me to pay for replacing the whole counter top.

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