What Is The Best Way To Attach Bullnose To My Stairs?


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If you are deciding to attach a bullnose to your stairs, it will be because you want a flush finish to stairs that might be rounded and difficult to cover with conventional square or rectangular tiles. You may also have double-out bullnose tiles, which are commonly used for DIY projects such as kitchen worktops. Deciding to attach bullnose tiles is an unorthodox thing to do, especially considering that such decorative equipment is usually seen in the bathroom.

The first top tip is to try and work with a partner. If the tiles you’re using to complete this project are quite big, you’ll find it challenging to give your tiles an even and level finish on your own. Make sure you take things slow and don’t get complacent when you get the hang of things; there’s something of a permanency associated with attaching a bullnose to your stairs, and it can’t be undone easily once implemented. Some experts believe that getting an industry-strength adhesive from stores such as the B&Q warehouse should be your first port of call before embarking on such a project.

You should always check the top of the tiles you are installing with a level to ensure that they are straight. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding you could have done a better job with a little bit of extra thought!

Discussion boards will be able to provide you with advice that’s based on past experiences, so make sure that you do bear this in mind. By going to, you’ll also receive advice on installing other common tiles in locations around the home.
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I have a spiral staircase with rounded edges.  As a do it yourself project, I would like to install wood floors.  However, I am concern about the edges, which appear to be rounded.  I thought cutting the wood to match, with a reciprocating saw, but it would be easier to use prefab edges, if any such thing exist.  Any thoughts?  Thanks, Deborah
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Bullnose is the round edge, corner, or projection on a stairstep or paving stone. Here is a link that will prove helpful in installation of bullnose on your stairs.

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