Will Water And Bleach Clean Out My System?


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A drop or two in a glass of milk (to coat the stomach) will give you a clean you.A. It will probably give you a bit of a queasy stomach, especially if you down a pint glass of water right afterward to dilute it all. But it will give you a clean you.A. I've done it multiple times as a last resort just to be sure, and it's worked every time. I'm not dead, or in jail, and I got the job. All of you that automatically think drinking bleach means drinking cupfuls are the crazy ones. Drops of bleach are no worse than fluoride or pharmaceuticals in our municipal water. Those things are really evil. You think you're drinking clean water? Think again.
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Well, yes, physically. But it also makes your system stop working (in other words, drinking bleach will kill you).
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Humans are supposed to drink atleast three litres of water per day as for drinking bleach I do not reccommend ingesting any, there are myths that small amounts of bleach can detoxify your body these are myths not facts drinking bleach will kill you. Drinking water is filtered and chlorinated before being pumped into our water systems in metropolitan areas, chlorine contains small amounts of bleach. Don't drink bleach it would be very foolish. If you want to clean out your system stop drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, don't smoke anything drink lots of water. And eat well avoid fatty foods eat lots of fruit and vegetables get some vitamins from a chemist, exercise (just walking for twenty minutes a day will make a big difference to your body, get atleast eight hours of sleep a day/night. Avoid fast food its really bad for you. There are detox kits available be very careful taking these as some make humans very sick . Or see a GP or Naturopath these people are specialist's. Drinking bleach will kill you.
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Your plumbing or septic system maybe. Ingest chlorine and you will very likely die; and if you don't die, you will have done yourself some major organ and membrane damage.
I suppose drinking bleach is a solution of the most radical kind... Drink it and it will no longer matter if your pee is dirty because it will be a coroner who tests it in you'll probably die.
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Bleach is poison plain and simple do not ingest it. Sure it's good for cleaning or doing laundry but it will burn your esophagus and other parts of digestive system. Don't DO IT!!!
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As the others have said, bleach is a poison. It will kill you if you drink it. So, don't ever drink bleach!!

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