What Is The Best Cleaning Agent For Mold On Shower Stall Tile?


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Clorox bleach. You can put it on with a small paint brush, "my preference" or spray it on. Just make sure there is ventilation in the room and get out fast because it is not good to inhale it. Wearing a mask is a good idea. Just shut the door for a while then go back and rinse with cold water. It's the only thing I have found that really works well.Clorox has come up with a new type that doesn't smell as strong but I haven't tried it yet. Opening a window and the shower curtain after you shower will help slow the mold growth. If you don't have a window then turn on your exhaust fan and let it run for about 45 minutes after showering.
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There can be a number of solutions for black mold. First of all you can make use of natural ingredients like Vinegar and spray it in the places that has mild. Then there are sprays for mold killing such as Comet
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Bleach is the number one best way to remove mold or mildew. But show caution. Wear eye protection, a mask, gloves and old clothes. Dilute the bleach one part bleach to ten parts water in a spray bottle, and spray affected areas. VENTILATE the room if possible. Leave area and give it 10 -30 minutes to work. For heavier growth, a second application may be required. You may rinse if desired, but it is not necessary. Remember that bleach is a powerful chemical. Don't combine it with any other cleaning agent other than laundry detergents to avoid creating caustic or deadly fumes. You can remove mildew from your house eaves in the same manner. *You can wash your shower curtain in your washer to remove mildew fronm the edges or hem. Simply place white towels, detergent and recommended amount of bleach for a wash cycle, along with your curtain, and wash with hot water. Spray the same concentration bleach and water on outdoor furniture and set them in the sun. They'll look like new again.
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For pink stains in the shower stall use hydrogen peroxide. I used it with an old tooth brush and the stain disappeared almost immediately.

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