How To Repair Small Hole In Vinyl Siding?


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Hurray for vinyl siding! You never have to paint your house again; it won't rot or flake like wood or cedar and you can copy all sorts of architectural styles with it. It's no wonder that vinyl has become the most popular siding material in the United States and is quickly gaining momentum around the world.
But it can be prone to other forms of damage from water freezing and cracking the siding, storms or even something shooting out of a lawn mower. Thankfully, repairing small holes is easy to do and will save you calling a contractor and shelling out some serious bucks.
Right, you will need a couple of things: A paint brush, foil tape, some popsicle sticks, silicon chalk (exterior type) and a small can of outdoor vinyl house paint.
Before you start the job properly make sure your paint matches the vinyl you'll be repairing. Cut off a little bit, preferably somewhere that won't be seen (behind a bush and so forth) and take it with you to the shop where you'll be purchasing the outdoor vinyl house paint.
Once you are sure you have the right colour you will be ready to start the job.
Firstly cut a piece of foil tape that is roughly a centimeter bigger than the hole or crack in the vinyl siding. Now stick it over the hole firmly, making sure there are no gaps. Also ensure that it is completely flat. 
Next squirt the exterior silicon caulk all over and around the tape then smooth it flat with a popsicle stick. You will need to allow it to dry for several hours.
Finally, paint over the tape and caulk. Remember to brush paint lightly around the area surrounding the patch so as to blend the colour into the siding.
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The most easiest way is to replace the entire defected strip. I have never heard of epoxy used to fix such things up. So I figure you would have to replace the strip. It is pretty easy, if you don't have any old ones left, you can cut out a small piece for matching. Go to your local construction material shop and get it matched. You don't need to worry a little research and effort can solve your problem.
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There is now real fix for a hole in Vinyl Siding other than cutting out a section with the hole on it. Cut out at least a four foot section or the repair will look to obvious. You will need to by a special tool that is made to reach under the locking lip to unlock the sidding. [ don't worry they only cost about $15.00 or less] There are directions on the tool package and it is really easy once you read the directions. Good Luck Gene
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Oh, there was a time when this hole in the siding infuriated me for a very long time and I didn’t know what to do with it, there were a lot of thoughts and ideas on how to fix it and how to solve this problem.

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Hopefully you have saved a few pieces from when it was installed and you can just remove the torn up piece and replace it with a new piece or you can go and get a new piece at a siding store/distributor...if you do not have the tools for the job or know how to do the repair you can have a siding company do just the repair...and if the siding does not match because of the old siding being bleached out you can restore the color with a restorer/or vinyl paint for vinyl siding..
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Here are a couple of pages that shows the steps to covering or repairing a hole in vinyl siding.,,hgtv_3659_1538874,00.html

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