How Much Electricity Does A Washing Machine Use?


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You may not think that your washing machine uses all that much electricity, but according to one expert website, you might be spending up to £63 a year to run the thing!

In principle, how much electricity your machine uses depends on two factors:

  • What model washing machine you're using.
  • What settings you are using to wash your clothes on.
Usually, you can work out how much electricity your model uses during its operation by checking the label attached to the plug. Alternatively, there should be information regarding electricity consumption in the manual provided with the machine.

How much does your washing machine cost to run? To work out how much money your washing machine is adding to your bills, you'd first need to figure out how much your electricity supplier is charging your per kilowatt.

In the UK and EU, there's a rating system that can be applied to all washing appliances based on their efficiency. It's now illegal to sell an appliance that rates below a C grade on this scale, and most washing machines are manufactured to somewhere between an A and A+++ standard.

If your machine is fairly recent, it's likely that it's using around 1 kilowatt of electricity per hour - which works out to less than 10p per wash.

The main reason that you might see this figure rise is if your heating element needs servicing due to damage caused by hard water.
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There are different types of washing machines with different horse powers so they use electricity accordingly. The average machine consume 500 to 600 kilowatts of electricity in daily usage.
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Your washing machine may use up to 10 kilowatt hours per load, and your dryer can use as much as 5 kilowatt hours per load.
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Because washing machines are used frequently, the cost for water + electricity can quickly add up. Many people don't think about this and only look at the purchase price when buying a new washing machine. However, after 10 years the cost of operating the washing machine can easily be 5-6 times the purchase price. It's a lot of work to calculate the costs - using a home appliance running cost calculator makes it very simple and you can put in your own usage and electricity costs if you want.

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A washing machine can consume for about 10-15 kilowatt electricity per hour.

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