What three ways are used in a washing machine to get the soap to dissolve fast?


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If you are wishing to make the soap dissolve faster in your washing machine, there are three ways you can do this. Here are some suggestions for what you could try:

• Do not overload the washing machine: Some people like to save all the dirty washing to do one day a week and this may result in the washing machine becoming overloaded. Not only may this take a few years off the life of the washing machine from pushing it too far, it will also mean the soap cannot travel around the washing as fast. Some clothes may not get cleaned properly as the soap does not have the space to move around. Instead, leave a little bit of space where you know the soap will be able to get around and dissolve.

• Wash clothes at a higher temperature: Although it is not often considered to be the most environmentally friendly option when it comes to washing clothes, by putting the temperature of the washing machine up a few degrees the soap will be able to dissolve quicker. Some people like to wash some items such as bed linen at a higher temperature to kill bed bugs but most other clothes can be washed at a lower temperature as long as they do not have any difficult-to-remove stains.

• Liquid detergent is easier to dissolve: It is well known that liquid detergent is easily to dissolve in the washing machine than a tablet or powder soap or detergent. That is because it is basically already broken down into liquid form and it can move around the washing machine freely.

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