How Do Detergents Work?


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Detergents have a composition of animal fat, sulfur trioxide, potassium hydroxide and sodium as they provide charged ions which result in chemical reactions. They help in removing the greasy oily stuff which normal water is unable to remove. Detergents act as
emulsifiers as they are produced from petrochemicals. They allow the mixing of water and oil which gradually removes grime after the cloth has been rinsed properly.

Detergents are rich in enzymes that debase stains; they also have little quantity of bleach which helps in de- coloring the stained area. Chemicals like alkali and oxidizing agents which are found in detergents have water- hating and water- loving components. These components are deterred by water but on the contrary attract oil and stains. Little bit rinsing with warm water helps in driving away the thick greasy stuff as the chemical components loosen the grease.

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