Does Anti-Freeze Kill Raccoons?


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Yes, anti-freeze certainly will kill a raccoon, but there are better ways to get rid of raccoons than by poisoning them with anti-freeze!

Getting rid of raccoons with anti-freeze
Anti-freeze (or ethylene glycol) can kill a number of animals if they ingest it.

However, leaving a bowl of antifreeze-laced cat food about to try and lure a raccoon to its death might be a common trick for killing off these animals - but it's also a surefire way of killing all your neighborhood cats too!

Even if you're confident that your antifreeze won't get eaten by cats, killing a raccoon with anti-freeze is extremely cruel - and, in most countries, you could be prosecuted under animal cruelty laws.

No matter how annoying a raccoon infestation might be, jail time is generally considered more inconvenient!

If you've ever seen an animal die after ingesting anti-freeze (this happened to my neighbor's cat), you'll remember that the poor animal only dies after 24 hours of painful nausea, vomiting, bleeding, and convulsing.

Organ failure or a heart attack is often the final cause of death - and it's certainly not a fate I'd wish on any animal, no matter how pesky they were!

If you're struggling with a raccoon problem, I'd recommend you get advice from your local pest control authority.

Alternatively, there are a number of traps and raccoon-deterrents that you could use.

Why not have a look at I found it a great source for information about dealing with raccoons.
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Sally Dawson , Pest Control Consultant, answered

What a horrible thing to do!!!

Anti-freeze poisoning is one of the most excruciatingly painful ways for an animal (or a person for that matter) die. It's a slow and disgusting death that no animal deserves to suffer.

I'm a pest control professional and I'm a firm believe in humane pest control - if the animal has to die, so be it, but why torture it?

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If you're on a computer, you have the options to bold or italicize your words as well as add pics, videos and links when you answer a question. I'm not sure if those options are available when you're online on your phone.
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I agree. What a horrible thing to do. Get it rid of the pest in a more humane manner!
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You're welcome Serenity.
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YES but DON'T.. That's a very mean way to get rid of racoons. It will be very painful for the poor animal... (don't leave trash, garbage, and food laying around your property.. it will reduce the risk of them visiting you)

And if you leave antifreeze laying around for the racoons.. neighborhood cats might come along and eat it too.. you wannabe responsible for their deaths too?

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awww. thats very cute lol and those are some lucky coons :D
Woof Woofy
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My parents place use to have racoons and squirrels but someone bought the rancher next door.. they tore it down and built a huge mega house (has 2 rental suites in the basement and a large upstairs) but anyhow.. because they built such a big house.. they had to cut down the trees in the back yard.. which means. no more nature at my parents place.. no more birds, squirrels, and racoons. i use to love watching them.
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The new place im staying at is in an older subdivision and we get rabbits that come along.. i seem them running around in the backyard most days.

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