Does Clorox Kill Mold?


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Clorox is a strong type of bleach and yes, it will kill mould and its spores. Use it regularly if you are battling mould in a humid environment as the heat only encourages it to grow faster. Clorox is extremely strong so when you do use it, you must dilute it down. One part Clorox, two parts water should do and remember to wear gloves at all times as it can cause chemical burns.
If the mould is really bad then you may have to consider cleaning it up first and then treating the area with a Clorox and water solution. You should also wear a protective mask as well as gloves when cleaning with Clorox as inhaling the fumes can cause damage.
If you find that the mould simply grows back again after you have treated it with a bleach and water solution, then it may be time to consider calling in the professionals. To find a mould remediation expert in your local area, then log onto
Mould is a simple plant just like any other, apart from their lack of green colour and they belong to the fungus group. You usually need a microscope to look at mould, until it starts to grow. Because mould spores are always present in the outside air, they can easily migrate indoors and become deposited onto hard surfaces.
Generally, mould is invisible to the naked, that is however until it starts to colonise and grow together. They will appear as black stains or a fuzzy green growth, not unlike that you might find on off cheese. Mould thrives in moisture rich conditions, especially in warm wet conditions such as bathrooms. This website gives a list of the most common places that mould grows and which products treat them best. Scroll the bottom of the page to read more:
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I Have a flithy refridgetor it has mold and smells real bad  The people left the doors shut. Please help CAN I make my own clorox solution in a bottle
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Does clorox kill mold
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Yes, Clorox bleach does kill mold spores.
Have seen professionals who use a mixture of bleach and water to kill mold fungus.
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Does clorox bleach ki9ll mold
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You may have to clean the mold up and than clean with the bleach, not sure if the bleach will keep it from growing back or not, but wear protective gear ie. Mask and gloves when cleaning the mold....the best to you

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