Will Paint Kill Mold?


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Paint does not kill mold. I would have wished for a mold-killing paint myself if it weren’t for two other facts. Mold can cause a long list of illnesses through being inhaled or ingested, and where there’s mold on a surface, there are likely to be mold spores invisibly floating in the air.

When mold gets painted over, it just continues to grow under the surface of the paint. So, the best route forward is to get rid of it once and for all. There are a number of routes to take to treat mold at home. The traditional method is to mix one cup of bleach per 10 cups of water and then sponge down the affected area, until the mold stain is removed. This works best on non-porous surfaces like tiles, bathtubs, glass and countertops. For porous materials, you can use Borax with the same percentage dilution in water as bleach, that is 1:10. Distilled vinegar sprayed onto the mold surface and left on is another great household remedy. Do not mix methods. For example never use Borax and bleach together. As these materials are harsh and mold can be dangerous, wearing protective gear, such as goggles, eye protection and a mask are highly advisable. After cleaning the mold off, an application of Kilz primer will ensure that mold does not recur under the paint. Let it dry overnight and repeat with additional layers if necessary, until the stain can no longer be seen. Once this is done, you can paint over it.

It’s also important to locate the source of the moisture that enabled the mold growth. Often a leaky pipe or inadequate ventilation is at fault. Ventilating the room with fresh air, using a fan to drive circulation and carrying out repairs if needed, will ensure that mold does not reoccur. If the source of the moisture is also infected by mold, it will also need to be cleaned as described above.
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No there is no paint that will completely get rid of mold. There are products that kill the mold itself (like Kilz), but they won't get rid of the mold spores. To effectively kill mold and prevent it from regrowing I suggest that you do this (make sure that you're wearing gloves and a mask and that you have made the area well ventalated!): First scrape off as much of the mold as you physically can and immediately take it out to the garbage. Once you have done that spray down the effected area with bleach and let it dry. By the way bleach does not kill the mold itself, but it kills the bacteria that the mold and other fungi use as a food sorce. Once the bleach has dried spray down the area with a fungicide (Dacinol fungicide has proven to be the most effective) and follow the directions given on the bottle. Once you are done with that paint the wall with paint (preferably with Kilz paint for best results). After you do all of that the mold should not come back as long as you try to keep your home/store moisture free. (Mold MUST HAVE MOISTURE in order to grow so if you take away the moisture, you take away the mold.) 
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Paint will not kill mold spores. They will continue to grow even underneath the paint.
Suggest that you spray the mold down with bleach, let it dry, then primer and paint.
Be sure to wear a mask so that you aren't breathing in the fumes and ventilate the area as much as possible. Open windows and turn on a fan if you can and face it toward the windows in order to pull the fumes out of the area, when spraying the bleach.
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If you have a lot of mold, spritz a very small amount of water on it first. This will help keep the mold spores from getting into the air. Mold spores that are in the air will land and if moisture is there it will start growing mold. After moist gently scrape mold off and put it immediately into a plastic bag and tie it shut gently. Dispose of it somewhere outside of your house. Instead of bleach use white vinegar and peroxide, storing them in separate containers.
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Kilz is great stuff! I used it in a bathroom of a house that I rented that was completely covered in mold. It was so gross. I just wiped off the walls and then painted with Kilz and it never came back in the 2 years I was there. Excellent product. But make sure you use ventilation!
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There is a product that you can buy that is called Kilz, and you can get it at lowes, or home depot, and all you do is clean off the mold, them paint over it with the kilz, it is made for doing what you want here. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Bleach does not kill mold, and painting over it is not going to help because it will continue to grow under the paint. en.wikipedia.org
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The bleach doesn't kill the mold, but instead it kills the bacteria that the fungi (i.e. Mold) use as a food-source.
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I am becoming increasingly concerned about the way people are treating mould and just stick a bit of bleach over it and use a paint.( while the makers of these products are raking it in), When are people going to realise that MOULD of any form  black, green, brown Needs proper intervention More money needs to be spent on testing and analysing this nuisance WAKE UP UK
Lobby your government
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I googled- and found a solution of vinegar, borax and hydrogen peroxide DOES kill mold and spores. Bleach is a myth. Lysol kills it but us VERy toxic

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