When We Flush The Toilet It Has A Weak Flush. All The Water Leaves Tank But Not Enough Water Pressure, Why?


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Usually a weak flush is caused by a blockage in the valves from the tank to the bowl. You have to understand that the power of a flush comes from gravity pulling the water that is in the tank out through the bottom of the tank when the plug is suddenly pulled out of it's hole (when you press the lever to flush).
 This is assuming you have a standard tank/bowl toilet, and not one of those 'power flush' toilets that only has a small container concealed in what used to be the tank, that is designed to power water through the bowl with water pressure... This type of toilet DOES depend on native water (piped) pressure to function correctly. But this does not seem to be the problem you have.
 A slow, or low pressure to a standard toilet will only affect the time it takes the toilet to cycle back to ready to flush.
 Now you don't mention if it tries to back up, or if it just flushes slowly (as though the water is not flowing into the bowl fast enough). If it tries to back up, THEN flows out slow, then the problem is in the trap (the bend in the inner piping of the toilet that keeps sewer gasses out of your house) or in your sewer pipe, and may require a professional to clear. But since you only talk about it flushing slow, I'd figure it's a limiting clog somewhere between the tank and the bowl, and if you drain the tank, and carefully disassemble the toilet to clear or replace all the valves that regulate water flow between them, you'll probably see a notable change.
 I hope this helps, and you have a great day!
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It could possibly be a blockage, or even an issue with the float inside the cistern. If the cistern isn't filling up enough then it's worth getting a plumber that specialises in toilet repairs to take a look.

I had an issue previously where the float had dropped down a bit too much, and wasn't filling up properly. This ended up being an issue with a plastic part that held up the float, having breakage. Got a plumber in and he fixed it up.

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Hmmm sounds like you have some serious issues there Doug. Drink Bleach?? Are you serious. Saying that sort of stuff to some people if they had depression(not me) would tip them over the edge. I think you should seek help mate! Good luck with that.
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Greetings.   In 1986 there was a mandate that stated that a water saver toilet could not be called one if it flushed more than 1.6 gal. What the toilet manufactures did on all their toilets to qualify for the water saver label, in spite of the toilets design, was to cut the over flow tube down to a height that would qualify any toilet as a water saver. The over- flow tubes became the new control device on how much water your water tank held.  The over- flow tube original function was only for safety.  Some of their existing designs worked better than others in their inventory based on the height of the over flow tube.  My over flow tubes were only 5.5 in long in all six toilets.  Some others are 7 in. Or more pending on the shape of the tank. Water engineers know that there is not enough water in the water tank to seat the flapper valve in most water saver toilets and water is running down the drain all over the world. When you go to buy a toilet you, can’t buy one that is not a water saver. Very few are designed from top to bottom as one. The perfect design would have a water tank three feet high and ten in. In diameter to make sure the flapper vale seated well. You can buy a longer over flow tube for about $12. To install it, you’re going to have to take off the water tank. Make sure when you’re at the Hardware store, that you buy some rubber tank washers and new bolts. My bolts were rusted and my washers were jelly. I had put in two hours labor and two trips to my favorite hardware store. My nine year old granddaughter can put on one of my extension tubes. I am sure the only way to sell my product is through an infomercial.  I'm looking for partners in your business.  NuFlush   1-800-nuflush
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Just to add to previous answer,might also get a sponge and remove all water in the bowl and get a gallon of muratic acid and pour down overflow tube in tank to clean out rim in case limed up.If when flushing,bowl water rises and swirls,sluggish goin down,tiolet trap may have build up in it.May want to pour a exra gallon in bowl to try to get build up out.Stuff is made for this,but I haven't found any as good as muratic acid.Use caution using muratic acid,open windows,don't breath.keep yer old toilet goin if possible!Probly won't be happy with the 1.5 gallon flush toilets.
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Two possible reasons, air in the water line or water pressure valve needs to be open all the way on the line. The water company will check the pressure for free.

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