Does The Water Pump For My Under Ground Well Need Replacing?


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Could be the point contacts are worn out.
You should see a little box on the side of your well pump.
Take the cover off and check to see if the copper contacts are worn or dirty.
If they are excessively thin or corroded looking, you will need to pick up another set at an electrical supply store. Be sure to take the part with you,  the name brand of pump and model/serial number. They are an easy replace. Just a couple of screws.
If they look okay, then they may just need cleaning.
You can take a piece of 100 grit sandpaper and lightly sand the contact points, then spray some WD40 on them.
Juding from what you are saying about turning the breaker off for a few minutes, it sounds like they may be sticking in the open position sometimes. If this is the case,then the WD-40 should take care of it. 
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Replaced my contact unit, now i don't have as much pressure. It went from about 85% to 15-25%. How do i adjust it to create more pressure
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You will need to prime the pump in order to get the water pressure back up.
Fill a bucket with water, loosen the pipe from the tank that runs into the ground. Pour the water down the pipe in the ground.
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It sounds like you do but you can call and ask if they can come over for a free inspection and they can tell you what the problem is!!! Best of luck!!!

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