What Is Harmonious Colour Scheme?


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What are harmonious colours...

They are closely related hues (or pure colour) used in a colour scheme.
Some of one colour is found in another colour, e.g. Orange and green
are in harmony with yellow because they both have yellow in them. A
harmonious colour scheme produces a feeling of tranquility and peace.
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A harmonious colour is a colour that sits next to another one on the colour wheel or one that is very close to it. For example, the colour red is found near rust, which in turn is near terracotta. Colour Theory is a basically a set of principles that are used to produce harmonious colour combinations. The different colour relationships are visually represented on a colour wheel, which is the colour spectrum that is wrapped onto a circle.

Harmonious colours are used to generate a balanced, unified scheme that one would find visually pleasing. It could prove helpful to choose colours which are of similar densities to fashion a balanced look such that one doesn't overpower another. You can also choose just three or four colours which stem from the same primary colour. To help individuals create harmonious colour scheme, there are a number of free as well as paid versions of professional colour utility applications that are available like Colour Wheel Expert.
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A harmonious color is known to be the one that sits next to another on the color wheel or is very close to the other color. As for example, red is near rust, which is near terracotta. It makes in easy to create a color scheme using harmonious colors as they give a pleasing affect to the eyes.

The color wheel tells the relationship between different colors as in the form of a spectrum formed like a circle. Harmonious color are used as they forma unified and balanced schemes that are appreciated by individuals and are soothing to eyes.
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It is a colour that is beside another colour on the colour wheel
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There are many harmonious colors, but in general, colors that look good together because  they complement each other.   That is where you get the complementary colors (the ones opposite one another on the color wheel ..... Reds opposite is green; blues opposite is orange and yellows opposite is purple.  Then there are analogous colors (any two or more colors on the color wheel that are closely related. Example: Blue, blue-green and green.  If you use too many harmonious colors, it may become boring, so you need a little splash to liven it up.

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They are colours which are next each other in the colour wheel and come from the same root colour. So its a bit like shades. The next harmonious colour would be 1 shade up or down.
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Those colors which are very close or just next to each other in color family are known as harmonious colors. Harmonious colors are such colors whose stem color is same. For example red color is harmonious of rust. The relationship of the colors are represented by a color spectrum which is in the form of circle and sometime known as color wheel.
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Harmonious colours are next to each other on the colour wheel. The colours tend to make you feel peaceful and calm and you can also find other colours inside of colours. E.g. Magenta is in purple and red xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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