How To Read An Ohm Meter To Check My Thermostats And Elements On My Hot Water Heater?


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First make sure that the circuit breaker is off ck with the volt meter to make sure you have no voltage there. After that unhook one side on the thermostat in other words take the wire off. Take ohm meter and measure the resistance across the terminals if the needle goes up then rotate the control to see if reading goes up and down . You may have to sw the meter to a higher or lower ohm setting.that should tell if it is working. There you go good luck.
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For the first one; set it for 20,000 ohms and the reading should be between 12 and 18. You will not be able to read less than an ohm on your meter, it is not sensitive enough. Not sure I have ever seen one that sensitive.

For more Try this ohms law calculator app through which you can easily came to know about the calculations of voltage,current and resistance.

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Knowing the power, calculate the current flowing through the thermostat - this is the ratio of the power to the voltage of the mains (110V):

For security, we'll count everything on the draft, the formulas are taken from the site of the homework answers and using the calculator, we calculate for a few minutes our resistance (Ohm).

I = P / U, Ampere.

After calculating the current, determine the resistance: The ratio of the voltage (110V) to the current:

R = U / I, Ohm.

Or you can immediately calculate the resistance by the following formula:

R = U² / P, Ohm.

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