Have Leak Under Toilet. Have Replaced Wax Seal And It Still Leaks, How Do I Fix The Problem?


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Are you sure there's not a crack in the toilet somewhere that could be causing the water to leak out...?
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toilet is brand new. only 6 months old. don't see a crack in bottom. husband said everything looked fine. son didn't see anything either. had to have the pipe cut and a new flange put in. it didn't start leaking until a couple of weeks ago. took some drywall out and noticed toilet started rocking and then seeping under the bottom started. Husband and son replaced wax ring and leveled toilet and it stoped for a few days then just noticed it was leaking again.
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Brand new toilet, and wax seal. Still leaks, this is a "flush up" system, also there is always water sitting in the 4 inch pipe that the toilet sets on. HELP

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