How To Fix A Leaking Toilet From The Base?


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If the toilet is leaking from the base it is most likely the wax ring (johnny ring).
Turn off the water supply to the toilet. Flush the toilet and hold handle to allow as much water to drain from tank as possible.Remove the supply line from the bottom of the tank. Remove the two nuts from either side of the toilet, usually underneath a plastic cap. Lift toilet from the flange. Clean wax from flange, and from Bottom of toilet outlet. Replace wax ring with one that has plastic centering flange. Careful when setting toilet back on top of new ring, try to line up the bolt and lower straight down onto them. Lean on the toilet to seat the wax ring. Re- install nuts, supply line, and turn water back on. Flush and fill several times to verify leak is resolved. Careful when tightening the supply line and mounting nuts, do not over tighten. If you have a leak because its too loose just tighten a bit more.
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Now that is the best answer I have ever seen here on how to install a new wax ring. Nice job Ddulany.
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If your toilet is leaking from the base the wax ring is probably gone bad
you must first shut the water supply to the toilet off then flush it a couple of times to get all of the water out disconnect the water supply line then unbolt the toilet from the floor and pick it up off the floor from where it sits set it aside and remove the old wax ring which can be a bit of a mess a butter knife or putty knife works well then follow the directions on the box for installation of the new ring it should come in plastic be sure to remove the plastic and set it in place then place the toilet back and bolt it down be sure to get it tight but not to over tightin it there will be two bolts get them both finger tight then go back and forth between the two of them so not to get one side really tight before the other side then reconnect your water supply turn it back on and you should be good to go

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