Why Do Toilet Seats Need Fuzzy Or Cutie Toilet Covers?


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People need the toilet covers for good appearance, protection against germs, and comfortable warmth.
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So the cat has someplace soft to curl up on, even the bathroom.
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Penny Kay
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Best answer so far!!!!!!!!. I did not want one in my bathroom, I consider them unsanitary, and James liked to have a fit, saying "You have to have a toilet seat cover". I just wonder why. If we did not rent, I would do something artistic like paint the darn thing.
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Seats do NOT need these. People NEED these. After all, don't you think it peps the ugliness up a step or two?
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Same reason movie stars cake on so much make up and spray tan to cover something gross with something that's supposed to look pretty
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They don't need them. I hate them because the seat won't stay up for men when we are peeing. Even worse with the padded seats.
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Because you should make your toilet attractive enough so that you can spend your maximum time in it, because while you are in bathroom, if your toilet is comfortable enough, then it provides you the environment for chilling and thinking and releasing your tensions.

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