I Rent An Illegal Basement To Someone And Now Having Trouble Trying To Get Him Out. I Live In Nyc, What Is The Consequences Of Renting Out An Illegal Basement? What Are The Steps After I Report Myself So I Can Have My Tenant Removed?


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This is a big dilema,because any damages done to your basement will be your own costs,and there is no way for courts to intercede on your behalf,I would start with the norm of giving notices,then I would go online to find Landlord rights/ Landlord tenant rights,there is a booklet online,and you an use this to your advantage,and find a proper way to evict your problem and do it legally.Some of the reasons given can be of good use to you,I really hope this helps you out good luck.
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One question, Did you put an add saying you had a rental property? Or did you oblige someone's request to offer a place to reside while he found someother place. Was he paying you as a gesture of greatfulness and now he is no longer welcome? There is nothing legal about this so you can't apply any legal eviction notices other than report him to authorities as an unwelcome guest in your property and you don't feel safe anylonger and wish him to be leave your property because he is not welcomed. Be willing to press charges should he not comply.
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I believe he was referred from a previous tenant. Yes i know it is illegal thats why we cant evict him through legal actions. I believe if we report him- we have to have our basement inspected and basement have to be torn down and pay a fine for this violation. Im just not sure the actual steps..i heard things here and there that the whole house have to be locked for inspection to be done and meanwhile noone can live in the whole house until it has been pass... I also heard fines are up to 15,000 and possible jail time. So, im not sure which one applies here.
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Although the fines can be up to a certain amount, rarely do the go to the full extent. If you can produce evidence that you were merely helping out a sole in desperate need and request liniancy due to the fact that you have no money to pay a fine,the courts will most likely grant you your request. The courts have lawyers that can represent you free of charge (only because for one, you cant afford a lawyer's fee and if you do, the fines will still be there and now you are paying double) This will also show the judge that you just can't afford any extra luxuries. If this is your first offence, you will probably be let off lightly. Whatever the conciquence, tell the judge to try and make it to where you can repay it since the economy is not so great at the time. Ask for comunity service to repay some of the time. And from now on you will just have to learn from this and not try to make acceptions in trying to help out.
The one thing that would really worry me if he has access to the interior of your house from the basement. This could really be a safety concern for you and your family. The only thing I can suggest id that when he leaves for an amount oof time that you have the locks changed and put his belongings outside so that he can move on. If he returns and wants to start any trouble, call the police and don't try to handle it on your own.
Good luck and sorry for your situation.
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