Where Do I Find The Parcel Number For My Home?


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A property parcel number, which is also called an assessor’s parcel number, is a number, which is used to uniquely identify a piece of real property. This includes land and houses. The main application of this number is evaluation of the tax value of a particular house or estate aimed at generation of tax bill or statement. It is also used in accessing a title deed to establish the parties involved as well as the contact person(s) for that particular piece of property.

An assessor’s parcel number may be obtained from a county assessor’s office or the city assessor’s office. In some cases, a map accompanies it with more information on the legally surveyed physical boundaries for that land as well as the disposal site. Websites boosting the county assessor’s web page may be of great assistance.

The property tax statement also referred to as the real estate property tax bill issued by the county or city office normally contains the home parcel number. This is stated as the account number. By checking the documents used when buying the property, one may get the property number especially on the legal documents such as deed of sale, statutory warranty deed or the deed of trust.

Online tracking of the parcel number can also be done on the county assessor’s website or the city assessor’s website incase the property is located in the city. Once the website is launched, the link to Assessor’s maps offers a Parcel Search option. Under this, proceed to property Assessment or Real Property Search. At times, for legal purposes, a copyright statement may be issued so read and accept the terms for you to proceed. Proceed until the option where you may perform a search on property address, parcel number or the owner’s name. This would give you the property access number or the parcel number for your home.

There are other websites, which offer the same functionality, and they may be of much help when performing such a search. However, they require you to access them online first, and then provide relevant information such as the house number, the street name then performing the search. These sites also restrict use of given statements such as the direction or suffixes. For instance, offers quick access to such a request. Visiting the county assessor office or making a call would also lead to ease of tracking the home parcel number.
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You can get a Preliminary Title report from a title company.  Your property parcel number is on that paperwork.  Or you can simply walk into your favorite title company and have title or escrow office help you....
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A parcel number, or an Assessor's Parcel Number (APN), is a number which is used for the identification of a certain item of property. While performing a phase I office investigation it is essential to get a parcel number so as to obtain a title or deed for particular piece of property. The deed also aids in determining the answerable party or parties and also information about the individual for the item of property in question.

An assessor's parcel number or map is generally attained from a city or county assessor's workplace. The map offers details regarding the officially reviewed physical borders for as parcel or territory that consists of a disposal site.

For more information and to know how to obtain your parcel number, visit the given links -

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