How Does Plumbing Work In High Rise Buildings?


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They install a booster pump on the water line to help push the water up, developing more pressure all the way up.
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I have lived in a top floor unit (15th floor) for the last 17 years and never had a water pressure problem till this past January...when I shower or turn the kitchen or bathroom faucet on, it either starts with a trickle and suddenly kicks up or starts with enough pressure and then slows to a trickle. This never happened before.
I also learned that recently the pressure was set @ 120 and then it was reset to 80 the way, it is not just my unit but many units on the upper floors.
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Every skyscraper has at least one huge water storage tank , so the water is pumped up and dropped down through the pipes under pressure.  This is further regulated by pressure reducers and other valves.

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Can you give me a brief description on how plumbing works in high rise buildings?
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Water pump is used to develop pressure to push the water up the building,. The the water would be stored inside tank(s) on top of the building before being distributed to each part of the building.

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