Is A Firm Mattress Or A Soft Mattress Better For A Good Night's Sleep?


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In most cases a firm mattress is always better than a soft mattress as the back then is in a more natural position rather than on a soft mattress. A hard surface is always preferable though less comfortable initially for a good night's sleep as it would help in avoiding any problems associated with the back which would cause one to lose considerable sleep later on.

A firm mattress with inner springs would be the best bet for ensuring a good night's sleep one that adjusts itself according to your specific position without sagging. The best positions to sleep would be flat on the back or lying on the side with the knees slightly bent. Pillows can be used to provide support to the head and neck as well as the legs though in some cases people can sleep comfortably and more importantly in the correct posture without using a pillow.

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I think a firm mattress. We have a soft mattress and it creates a lot of pressure points.
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I would say firm.

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Both firm and soft mattresses are good for comfortable night sleep. They are good for different purposes. If you are suffering from back pain or if you are a heavy person, the firm mattress is good for you. And, if you are a stomach sleeper or light sleeper, the soft mattress is good for you.

Which mattress is good for all sleepers? The Tuft and Needle and Ghostbed mattresses have both firm and soft models. You can visit the link to learn more about these popular mattresses

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I only recommend Tempurpedic, if you buy one of these mattresses you'll be sold for life. I own one and I can't tell everyone how much it has improved my restless nights and my backpain.
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A mattress that provides total balanced support is the best. A memory foam mattress is the best for providing this. Check out or Loads of relevant product and technical info on sleeping on memory foam.

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