I'm 14 and I punched a dent in my hollow wooden door. My mom gets home at 5. I have all pourpose joint compound and the right paint. Can I use the compound to fill the dent then paint over it? How?


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Asian Dude answered
Before getting started you will need the following items:
*Flat smooth Scraper
*Fine Sandpaper
Get something Flat and smooth.  Apply Compound with your flat and smooth tool. Be sure to pack it in the dent nice and tight.  Don't worry if there are areas that look rough, you will sand these spots down later.
Allow time to fully dry.
Use sandpaper to get a smooth finish.
Apply Paint..... Done.

Good luck buddy
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Arthur Wright answered
You can try but it wont hold and it will fall out real quick and also it wont look quite the same as the rest of the door either, sorry, but looks like youll have some explaining to do. If you try this the biggest problem you will encounter is try to get the joint compound to stay in the hole.

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