How To Change An Old Bar Countertop?


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To change an old bar countertop, it is better to replace the old one with a new bar countertop which is made of reclaimed wood. There are many companies that put these bar countertops which are made of reclaimed wood together.

If the front of the island (that is, the space which is covered by the bar counter) is made of another material, for example stainless steel, the back of the island must be made of reclaimed wood, so that it provides an excellent contrast to the modern stainless steel countertops which form the front of the island. The wood is better if it has been reclaimed from an old barn or a building, as it is more compact, solid and has more character than new lumber.

Before they install the new bar countertop which is made of reclaimed wood, the carpenters apply a coat of polyurethane and then a coat of epoxy resin on it.

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