How Can I Remove A Burn Mark On My Bathroom Countertop?


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I also have a marble bathroom vanity top that I left a red Chi straightening iron on and left a brownish red burn.  Since we are putting our house up for sale, I would prefer to mend the area instead of replacing the whole 6 ft. Top.  If I use a mild sandpaper to remove, what do I use to bring back the low shine to the area. (The area is small but noticeable since it is red with brown coloration).
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Lexington, KY
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You didn't mention what the countertop is made of?  If it is Formica, then a very find grade sandpaper will help, but there is no way to completely fix it. Just carefully sand until it lightens. You can seal it with polyurethane, very carefully, with a very fine brush afterwards.  Make sure that it's a low gloss.

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