I Have A Moen Kitchen Faucet That Was Just Installed In Oct. 07. It Just Started Dripping A Couple Of Weeks Ago. How Can I Stop The Drip?


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I just asked this question, and found out the answer myself a few hours later.  See q522344.html
What isn't clear in that description is exactly what needs to be rotated (left) 90 degrees.  It not just the stem that the handle is screwed on to, but all of the assembly inside the valve housing.  As stated there is a special tool (plastic) in the package of a new cartridge used to rotate the "old" cartridge, but I'd bet a person could rotate the cargridge with a pair of needle nose pliers.  I bought the replacement cartridge at Lowes.  The Moen part number is 1200 for a mostly brass assembly, 1225 will work also but has some plastic to it and some rubber pads on it that look to me like they will wear out faster.  The 1225 is less expensive also.
By the way.  The pin you took out, it doesn't so much as hold the cartridge inside the valve housing as hold it in place so that it doesn't rotate left or right.  It won't come out of the value housing with the pin removed unless it is rotated 90 degrees.
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Since the faucet is a gooseneck then you probably have a separate handle. The handle where you turn the water on has a cartridge inside where the problem lies. First this could be covered under warranty if you had a plumber install it. If you want to try to tackle it then turn off the water under the sink. Use an allen wrench to take off the handle. Loosen the retaining nut counter clockwise to expose the cartridge. The cartridge may have a retaining clip that needs to be carefully removed with a screwdriver or other tool and saved for reinstall. The cartridge may be difficult to remove. I usually pry it out with flat screwdrivers, carefully using the screwdrivers as levers to pry upwards. If you get it out, remember the position it was in and look for debri and flush it with water. Re-assemble and if it still leaks you may need a new cartridge.
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Call MOEN and tell them and they will send you another faucet.
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First of all it shouldn't be dripping at all who ever installed it may have installed it wrong or it me be stripped from all the pressure from turning it on and off especially if you have children
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The answer is either a washer or putty. That depends upon where the drip is coming from. Go to Home Depot and pick their brains. They love that stuff.

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