A Pen Exploded On My New Jeans. What Can I Do?


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Well there is only one solution you can try in order to remove the stains from your jeans. First of all you need to have a stain remover in your home so that you can easily remove that stain from the jeans. If you do not have stain in your home you need to buy it from the shop easily so that you can easily remove the stain of the pen from your jeans. Just take some stain remover and see the manual which is given with the stain remove to make the solution which can further be used to remove the stains from the jeans. Just prepear some solution which can be used in order to remove the stain from your jeans and just take a towel or a cotton cloth and apply some stain liquid solution to your towel and start rubbing the area of the jean which is exploded by the ink. Rub the area in a gentle manner so that the color of the stain starts transferring to the towel.

So after some continuous rubbing the stain will be removed from the jeans and later on you can watch your jeans with some detergent so that it completely disappear from your jeans.

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