Do you do wet or dry carpet cleaning?


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We have our own ''wet'' carpet shampooer, that we purchased new for $450, three years ago, after getting quotes from carpet cleaning companies to clean ours, the cheapest quote being $280. I found carpet cleaning to be a very easy task (it only takes about two hours). I have now cleaned our carpets five times, so we have saved a lot of money, and the carpets look and smell just as good as when a professional does it. So I don't think I will be calling your carpet cleaning company it Toronto (that you are advertising on your homepage) any time soon.
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Actualy we rent, and our landlord had the carpets taken out. So we have no need for our carpet cleaner now.
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30 years of bonnet cleaning.  It turns out I am giving advice to steam cleaners.
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FACT!!! Leading carpet manufacturers recommend you
have a true professional use hot water extraction / steam cleaning to
clean your carpets every 12-18 months. If carpet dry cleaning was indeed
the better option, those manufacturers would say so. They do not
benefit from telling you otherwise

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Wet - I have the Bissell Pro Heat 2X. I use Genesis 950 in it when I clean because it pulls everything out of the carpet and does not leave soap in the carpet. I also rinse with my machine after I have cleaned. When I am finished, I use a dehumidifier to help speed up the drying process.

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I recently tried a dry carpet cleaning. I ended up with more mess than ever! I used this really tough powder, it had to be sat on the carpet for an hour, then when the time is right I needed to remove with a vacuum cleaner. I ended up vacuuming for over 2 hours, that stuff was everywhere! (Imagine big white grains of sand all over you carpet). I decided to leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals.

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